Friday, March 9, 2012

One for my family...

My in laws are taking a road trip this weekend to go and visit family. Most of the time I only get to "see" them through Facebook. Often times they comment on my baking posts with responses like:

"Are you sending any of those our way?"

"Those look good, any for us?"

Since I haven't tried shipping, and virtual cupcakes just aren't as good, I am at a loss. So when my mother in law asked me about my cinnamon roll cupcakes I told her I would make them for her to take. Even better, I told her that I just flipped it to a cake last weekend and I was happy to make another one. So family, bring your forks because this one has your names written all over it!

I hope it travels well on its 6+ hour journey. My mother in law and I worked out a box, tape, and newspaper contraption that should get it there in one piece. If not, someone call dibs on licking the platter ASAP!
Happy Baking,

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