Friday, January 21, 2011

Milkshake Cupcakes

I saw a recent posting on a site I follow, Bakerella. She was featuring some new paper straws that she bought and what she made with them. The outcome was milkshake cupcakes. They were really cute, and I was anxious to try to recreate them.

I decided to give them a whirl for my mother-in-law's upcoming birthday! I figured they would be the right sweet treat for the celebration. So I gathered my supplies and began to whip them up.

Checkout my version of Milkshake Cupcakes below:

I changed my version up a little bit. Instead of using silicone liners, I used some that look like bowls. I also didn't have cute paper straws, but regular colored ones work just as well. Then I opted for vanilla cake over strawberry...vanilla is more of a crowd favorite! :)

Just goes to show that you can recreate things you see on the Internet. Might not be exact, but it still turned out cute. Happy Birthday Debbie!

Happy Baking,

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