Saturday, December 18, 2010

Party Cakes...

Ms. K came to me as a referral from a friend. **Applause for referrals** She needed cupcakes to help celebrate Little H's first birthday. The unique opportunity that came with these cupcakes is that she didn't have a theme, only a cupcake stand and banner that she created. She sent me the invitation, picture of the cupcake stand and banner to show me all of the patterns and colors she was using. Here is the adorable stand and banner she made:

So my challenge was unique...make cupcakes that were not so over the top that the took away from this awesome stand. They needed to be more like accents! I decided to narrow in on a few of the patterns and colors. For the design I stuck with polka dots and sprinkles with a variation in the frosting style. Here is the outcome:

Golden vanilla smash cake with polka dots, Devils food with baby blue frosting and brown polka dot topper, Golden vanilla with buttercream and multi-colored polka dots

Ms. K is going to send me a picture of them once they are on the stand. I am anxious to see how they look. I would decorate a cupcake and hold it up to the stand/banner picture that was taped to my cabinet door and envision it on there! :)

Happy 1st birthday Little H. Enjoy your cupcakes!

Happy Baking,

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