Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Shower Cupcakes

My good friend Jessica threw her big sister a baby shower this weekend. She and I had been thinking about what kind of cupcakes she wanted at the shower long before she had a date, time, or theme! :) We are party planners that way. LOL We decided that we wanted to do a cupcake bar. We were waiting to figure out colors and flavors until she picked the theme. Once the invitations arrived the ideas sparked from there.

We decided to do four dozen cupcakes in a variety of flavors. Vanilla, Strawberry, Strawberry Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Vanilla, Red Velvet. Since monkeys were a big part of the theme and decorations, I decided to do monkey faces on a dozen of them. Here is the variety before I took them to the shower:

I was really looking forward to setting them up at the shower. Jessica purchased a stand to decorate, and I knew it was going to be so cute. In addition to the cupcakes, I persuaded Jessica to make monkey treats. I made them for my daughter's 2nd birthday and they were a big hit.

Check out the cupcakes on display and Jessica's baby monkey treats.

Her sister Kelly had a great shower. She got a lot of wonderful gifts that I am sure she will get a lot of use out of.

Come on baby Jake. Your Mom and Dad have all the necessary supplies, and your Aunt Jessica can't wait to meet you.

Happy Baking,

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