Saturday, October 2, 2010

Monkey Cupcakes

These cupcakes came about because I was looking for some to match my daughter's 2nd birthday theme.

After spending a lot of money on her first birthday's cupcakes, I was convinced there was a better way! I started searching online and found directions for monkey cupcakes on Wilton's website. At first, they looked impossible. I decided to do a test run about a month before the party to make sure I could really do it. Below is the outcome!

They aren't perfect, but I was proud of them.

While browsing the site I also found "Monkey Pops." I decided to give them a shot to see how easy they were. The directions were easy to follow, but one tip I realized, the day of the party, is that they do not sit well on sticks! :)

Make it a party:
Find the decorations @ Birthday Express

Happy Baking,

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