Saturday, November 5, 2011

Woods Wedding

Tonight I attended the wedding of my awesome neighbors, Cary and Danielle. When they were engaged back in July I met Danielle in my driveway for a "ring inspection." :) During that visit she asked me if I would be willing to do the cake for their wedding. I was touched, excited, and scared all at one time. I hadn't ever baked for a wedding, and cakes are not my thing.

Over the last few months I walked over various samples to test before we agreed on flavors. We ended up with a variety: red velvet, chocolate, Italian cream, red velvet/vanilla, cherry cordial, and carrot cake. Here is how it turned out:

The wedding cake/cupcake bar

Up close of the topper cake. Red velvet with buttercream roses

The cupcake bar: red velvet/vanilla, Italian cream, cherry cordial, and carrot cake cupcakes.
All cupcakes had cream cheese frosting except for cherry cordial - they had chocolate buttercream.

The groom's cupcakes. "The 18th hole" with chocolate cupcakes and a personalized golf cart

The entire cake table
 The wedding was amazing, and I know that Cary and Danielle will have a wonderful life together. I was very honored to play a part in their big day! Congratulations again C & D!

Happy Baking,

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