Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bad girls, bad girls, whatcha gonna do...

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

My baby sister will be celebrating her 20th birthday tomorrow. We got together tonight for a family dinner to celebrate, and of course I brought cupcakes. It not only was a celebration for her birthday, but she was recently accepted into the police academy. :)

To commemorate both special occasions I made her some cop cupcakes:

Red velvet and cream cheese is her favorite. To "cop" them up I topped them with handmade chocolate stars and marshmallow cubes to mimick the light bar on the top of a police car. Handcuffs weren't too easy to make and if I tried to make a small gun out of chocolate it might have looked like a stick. LOL

After the waiters/waitresses made her stand on a chair so they could loudly sing her their rendition of happy birthday she enjoyed a cupcake with her ice cream. She offered her boyfriend one and he curled his lip - he isn't a fan of red velvet. I encouraged him to give my version a try. I told him if he didn't like it I would not be offended if he didn't eat it all. He peeled the liner, took a bite, and left me sitting there anxiously awaiting his verdict.

He replied, "Not to bad." He then ate almost all of it. :) My cupcakes have the power to convert haters to lovers. Ha!

Happy birthday Anna!

Happy Baking,

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