Friday, October 22, 2010

Spooky Halloween Cupcakes!

Halloween is a great time to create cute and spooky cupcakes! I had so many ideas for this year. From trick-or-treat buckets to monsters. I ended up narrowing the list to two different designs, mummies and hi-hats! I saw the mummy kit at Target several weeks ago and couldn't pass it up. The kit came with the mummy and tree sticks as well as the fencing that goes around. Then I was inspired when I read a posting on about her hi-hat trial run. I figured I would give it a whirl, but I needed to accessorize mine...with spiders!

Before I embarked on my Halloween journey, I enlisted the help of my friend Jessica! She came over today and we got to work. Check out our creations:

Devils food, green buttercream icing (tip #233), mummy decor kit and black liners

Hi-hats before decorations. Vanilla cupcakes, orange liners and hi-hat frosting (tip #12)

Hi-hats decorated, some dipped in chocolate, accented with a spider ring

Boxed up and ready to eat! Boxes found at Target
Jessica and I really enjoyed making these. They were a lot of fun. I will have to continue to practice the art of hi-hat cupcakes. I want to turn them into Christmas trees soon. Stay tuned for that one...

Happy Baking,

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