Friday, July 15, 2011

I want candy...

I decided to try a new set of cupcakes tonight - candy. In my house we love a few specific chocolate candies: Butterfinger, Reeses, and M&Ms. We love them in blizzards, on their own, in cookies etc. I figured that if they tasted good in all of those other things then cupcakes were a shoe in.

To start I chopped the candy into small pieces so I could put it into the cake batter. After I spooned the vanilla buttermilk cake into the liners I sprinkled the chopped candy in various cups. To help blend it I added another tablespoon of batter on top. Then I topped them with buttercream frosting and more candy!

When I make a new cupcake I always have my husband test it out before I take it anywhere. Poor guy. Tonight when I asked him to eat them he said that he wasn't really in the mood to eat three different cupcakes. So to compromise I asked him take one bite out of all three. LOL That is the equivalent of him eating one entire cupcake right? I put the three half eaten cupcakes aside for him to snack on later...they are now gone. :)

Happy Baking,

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