Saturday, July 30, 2011

When life gives you lemons...frost them!

Today I attempted to bake a new flavor of cupcakes - cannoli. I was inspired from my Taste of Home magazine as I was flipping through the pages one night and saw a cannoli cake. I immediately thought, "I want to flip that into a cupcake." It shouldn't be too hard. Right!?!

I baked the vanilla cupcakes, made the filling, and then mixed up the frosting. I was pleased with how fast they had come together. It reaffirmed that my flipping idea wasn't going to be that hard. It was then that I read the next line of the directions..."cover frosting and place in refrigerator until it is set enough to spread." Sounded straight forward enough. It didn't tell me how long this process would take so I decided to give it time and get some errands done.

I took my daughter to the nail salon with me. We both got mani/pedis. We picked lunch up on the way home, arrived back at home, and ate. Then I remembered the frosting. I thought, "Man, that should be good to go now." Checked it - not good to go. Returned back to watching TV, playing with my daughter, and getting stuff ready for our family photo shoot. Another hour passed, checked it - not good to go.

I then decided that I needed to speed this up. I was set to deliver some of these cupcakes to my friend and my awesome photographer in just a couple of hours. Into the freezer it went. Checked it nearly an hour later, still not good to go! Now I know that magazines try to keep their pages clean and not overly verbose, but you would think that they would have considered posting a statement on this recipe that read, "Frosting will need a two week vacation in Iceland before you can spread it on anything." SHEESH! I finally decided that my cannoli cupcake hopes were over for today, and turned to my trusty wingman chocolate buttercream for help. I whipped some up and frosted the cupcakes. Then I added some chocolate chips on top. They were intended for the cannoli cupcakes so using them made me feel a little victorious.

At the end of the day I still had yummy cupcakes to share with my friends and a few extra dirty bowls. The lesson of the day is when life gives you lemons (like bad frosting recipes) don't fret. In the end you may not have ended up with what you wanted but you got a really great alternative!

Happy Baking,

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