Friday, July 15, 2011

Silent Auction Cupcakes

In a recent post I wrote about a fellow coworker who was injured at his home. To help his family cope with some of their bills his neighborhood hosted a series of charity events. It started with a bake sale on July 4th and ended with a dinner/silent auction the following weekend. AJ's Cupcakes sent a couple dozen chocolate cupcakes to the bake sale. Then I added a gift certificate for two dozen cupcakes to the silent auction.

I am happy to report that between the bake sale and dinner/silent auction over $15K was raised for the Parrish family. That was with several baked items and around 100 items in the auction. AMAZING!

Earlier this week I was contacted by the lady who was the highest bidder on the cupcakes - Suzette. It just so happens that she is participating in a wedding shower this weekend. She asked me if I could make the cupcakes in time for the shower. She noted that the theme was sunshine, and that they were using a lot of orange and yellow. I baked up a dozen vanilla and a dozen chocolate cupcakes and topped them with colored buttercream frosting to match the shower theme!

I am really glad that I was able to help out. The amount of support and contributions people gave was awesome, and I know the family will be appreciative of it!

Happy Baking,

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