Sunday, September 25, 2011

Are you ready for some football?

We are. I love football season. It is such a great sport to watch and it signifies that fall is on its way! This season I am trying to get my daughter more involved in watching the games. Mainly because if she is excited to watch the games she won't ask to watch SpongeBob in the living room while it is on! :P

Today I whipped up some football cupcakes to help us get into game-time spirit. My husband was really glad that I was baking these because we only have one chocolate cupcake left, and he prefers vanilla anyway. Since we live in Texas I focused on two of the games that we are most interested in:

To help me decorate them I ventured onto the homecoming aisle at my local Michael's store. I bought these little helmets in packs of three. I did my research on the match ups first to make sure I got the right colors. Then I printed mini logos, cut them out, and adhered them to the helmet. I also picked up the football themed liners at Michael's.

I had full intentions of getting these baked before the game, but it didn't work out. I was doing laundry and making lunch etc. However, I did learn that baking during the game takes longer. Why you ask? Oh well let me explain:
  • I had to take breaks to yell at the TV. I am an assistant coach, and they needed my advice.
  • When we scored I had to run out and grab my daughter and show her how to do a victory dance. After I left her she said, "Daddy, Mommy is loud."
  • When your team was winning and then starts losing you get upset. Didn't they listen to my advice?
  • When they get close to winning again you have to focus all of your attention on them. They only started doing bad because you weren't watching the TV the entire time.
Needless to say my team lost, but we did get to enjoy a yummy post game snack. Oh, and the helmets double as new toys for my daughter. SCORE!

She wore her helmet on her head, and she is now putting them on her superhero figures. She might just become a fan after all.

P.S. She chose the Redskin's cupcake. I guess we need to educate her on picking teams next. Don't go after the pretty color first honey... *shaking head*

Happy Baking,

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