Friday, September 23, 2011

Bling, bling she's eighteen!!!

My neighbor Mikayla celebrated her eighteenth birthday this week, and tonight is her party. To help celebrate her big day her mom, Kristine, asked me to make cupcakes. When I asked what theme she wanted she replied, "bling." So I whipped up some yummy chocolate cupcakes and topped them with various bling - glitter high heels, candy pearls, and shimmering chocolate hearts. I then made her a special cupcake with an "M" topper and fake diamonds.

When I went to deliver them everyone was getting all glammed up for the event. They were very excited to see the cupcakes, and couldn't wait to put them on display at the party.

I hope you have an awesome birthday party tonight Mikayla. Happy birthday!

Happy Baking,

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